How To Join

Students and faculty staff become members by paying a one-time investment fund (share) and they can use co-op stores and services afterwards. The amount of investment fund varies from one co-op to another, ranging from 5,000 to 20,000 yen, which will be fully refunded upon graduation or withdrawal from the university.

Co-op members are also the owners, which means that they can participate in the decision making process. Once a year, members attend the annual general meeting, approve the annual budget and financial statements, and elect board of directors and supervisors.

Tuo Card

Co-op members may choose between the regular co-op membership card or Tuo Card when they apply for membership. Tuo Card is a credit card for making purchases at co-op stores and cafeterias.

Learning self-management habits and financial responsibility while still attend the university is very important for students in an increasingly cashless society. Therefore, Tuo Cards are provided as a means of credit use training.

Returns to home

Returns to home