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Scorum, Bunkyo-cho Campus

The chic atmosphere receives favorable reception since the opening.

Horest on first floor and Scorum on second floor.

Scorum was reopened on the second floor of University Hall on August 7, 2014. After being closed for one year, Scorum was reopened at the beginning of summer vacation. The number of customers was beyond expectation from day one. The method of food serving differs from the conventional restaurant. After placing order at the cash register, the customer will get their food at the counter. Although Scorum is now located at the second floor, which made it difficult to reach than before, the number of customers increased than before the renovation took place.

With the catch phrase "a dining hall that provides delicious lunch and curry," Scorum serves daily lunch and homemade curry that differs from that served at cafeteria Horest on the first floor. Scorum offers a calm atmosphere. Among popular menu here are Chinese-style fried chicken and pork cutlet with leeks and salt. There are also limited-time menu, such as Merry X-mas Lunch and New Year Lunch.

Scorum originally started its operation as a café in 1972. The name was coined as a combination of “school” and “forum”. Even in its new form, Scorum is still popular as a place of recreation and relaxation for students and faculty that is used to exchange information.

First, place an order at the cash register.

The entrance of Scorum.

Food counter.

Drink tickets are sold here.

Folding partition can be used to divide parts of the hall.

Brief Profile

Scorum, Bunkyo-ku Campus
Re-opened in August 2014.

Location: Hirosaki City, Aomori
Faculty: Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Science and Technology, Faculty of Agriculture and Life Science, Graduate Schools
Population of students: 6,000 people


Floor space: 302 m2
Number of seats: 224 seats
Hours: 11:30 – 14:30 (last order)
Average number of users: 200 people/day

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