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  4. Kogakuin University, Bakery Corner, Hachioji Campus

Kogakuin University, Bakery Corner, Hachioji Campus

Kogakuin University

■Bakery Corner, Hachioji Campus

Students can buy bread from the counter, buy drink from a vending machine, and then eat at the table.

The staff line up a variety of bread twice a day

Students choose bread and pay at the register. They can also use Gaku Pass.

The Bakery Corner is a part of the Hachioji Cafeteria. It has been vacant for some time, but after a relocation of some laboratories from Shinjuku to Hachioji, we received financial support from Kogakuin University, who wanted to increase the number of options for student food, to open a bakery corner. Kogakuin University also shares the same goal of enriching student food life. The new corner was opened in June 2019.

The corner itself is small, and we sell drinks for take-out. We placed vending machines in the hall, where students use tongs to put them in a bag and pay for them at the register. Gakushoku Pass/Gaku Pass can now be used to pay at the register as well.

The freshly baked breads that are manufactured in the bakery are delivered twice a day to the Co-op Store on the same building for sale.

We will also operate a new store in Junior & Senior High School of Kogakuin University starting in September 2019. We are selling them at the kiosk as well.

A bright and clean, white-based hall

Price starts at 108 yen, very affordable!

The aroma of freshly baked bread is tempting
We also offer a variety of bread in bigger sizes.

Brief Profile

Dining Hall Bakery Corner, Hachioji Campus

Opened in June 2019

Location: Hachioji City, Tokyo
Faculty: Architecture Program, Informatics Program, School of Advanced Engineering, Faculty of Engineering (first- and second-year students) and laboratories (also for fourth-year students)
Campus Population: 3,300 people

Bakery Corner
Floor space: 24.04 ㎡ (kitchen)
Average number of users: 80 – 100 people/day
Hours: Weekdays 10.30 – 13.30 (weekdays), closed on Sundays and public holidays

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