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Ehime University

■Maple, Johoku Campus

A bright and stylish dining room popular among female students.

The staff line up a variety of bread twice a day

Maple was re-opened in April 2019. This restaurant was operated by the Ehime University Co-op as a full-service restaurant for five years, starting from April 2010. After that, due to circumstances on campus, the restaurant was put out to bid. Another company operated the restaurant for three years. However, it was difficult to manage the restaurant on campus. The university consulted Ehime University Co-op about this situation. As the result, Ehime University Co-op became the operator again, and the restaurant was re-opened.

The name “Maple” came from the old name of the street in front of the restaurant, “Maple Promenade”. For the renovation, Ehime University Co-op made preparations with the help of the NFUCA, aiming to operate the store in a way that would satisfy the co-op members and make it financially viable, while not destroying the overall atmosphere of the store. The menu consists of five types of dishes, including a weekly one-plate lunch, curry and spaghetti. Maple adopted a self-service style. It has been almost a year since Maple re-opened and there are still many issues to solve. However, since there are a lot of expectations with the comeback of university co-op, we are trying our best so that Maple achieves its original purpose.

Crowded during lunchtime peak
Order at the self-service counter and pay at the cash register after receiving your food.

Cute chair design

A free space for students, “Freeny”, can also be used to eat lunch.
Crowded during lunchtime peak
In the lunchtime, only faculty and staff can reserve a seat in the private room.

Brief Profile

Maple, Johoku Campus

Re-opened in April 2019

Location: Bunkyo-cho, Matsuyama City
Faculty: Law and Letters, Collaborative Regional Innovation, Education, Engineering, Science and graduate schools
Campus Population: 7,000 people

Floor space: 150 ㎡
Number of seats: 92
Average number of users: 80 – 100 people/day
Hours: Weekdays 11.00 – 14.15 (weekdays), closed on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays

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