Business Activities

We guarantee that students can find what they need at a co-op store!

A university co-op store provides goods and services that are necessary for college life. It also sells foodstuff, computers and stationery, textbooks and specialized books for classes and experiments, and also acts as front counter for travel and driving school. A university co-op store also sells original merchandise featuring the university’s character.


Miyazaki University Co-op

Groceries for everyday life can be found here!
On-campus Convenience Store

A university co-op store operates by a convenience store style, by providing bread, lunch boxes, sweets, beverages and other foodstuff necessary for daily life. Some university co-op stores provide original rice balls and bread created together with members, by cooperating with manufacturers.


Keio University Co-op

We have the best product lineup to support study and research
Co-op Stationery

Co-op stationery merchandise have been developed in order to contribute to study and research activities. Stationeries are prepared to support a wide range of academic activities, from collecting information to making presentation. Many of the products in Co-op Stationery Catalog are compliant with Act on Promoting Green Purchasing.


IC-embedded student card

Some co-op stores have begun introducing IC-embedded student card with prepaid feature that can also be used in the stores. There are some co-ops that are commissioned by the university to issue IC-embedded student cards.


Ritsumeikan Co-op

Textbooks, reference books and magazines are offered at discount!

Co-op bookstores have a wide variety of textbooks, reference books and specialized books required for education and research. The books are provided to suit departments and area of research in each university. In addition, co-op bookstores also provide books that can help job hunting and life of students for each season. University co-ops offer a discount on books and magazines to support study and research.

* Some products, such as academic journals, are not discounted.


Nagoya University Co-op/Hokkaido University Co-op

Circle of exchange widened from impressions on books!
Reading Marathon

Reading Marathon is an initiative to cultivate the reading habit of students. Currently, there are about 170 stores participating in this initiative with entries from 30,000 students. Students write impressions of a book on a POP card, which is displayed on the store, and then circle of exchange among university students is spreading. Some university co-ops also publish book-review journal made by faculty, graduate students and university students.


Tohoku University Co-op/Ochanomizu University Co-op

Many hot-selling products incorporating unique characteristics of the university!
University Original Goods

Sale of original goods incorporating unique characteristics of the university is well received by co-op members and faculty. Some of them are sold as the official university merchandise.


Co-op New Stores

Every year we renew and open new stores around Japan.

Kyushu Institute of Technology Co-op

Selling Points
Integrating two floors into one-storey store!

Kyushu Institute of Technology Co-op store was once a two-storey store; first floor for general store and second floor for bookstore and service. We asked the university to expand the general store space, and integrated all services into the first floor.

Nihon Fukushi University Co-op

Selling Points
Offering the best benefit and student support programs!

Nihon Fukushi University and Nihon Fukushi University Co-op signed the "Agreement on Mutual Cooperation" in May 2015 in the wake of the birth of Tokai Campus, with the aim to further enhance the welfare and student support by university and the co-op.


Staff’s Voice

What members really want can be grasped through Hitokoto Card.

We try as much as possible to provide goods and services to meet the requests of members. We receive a lot of requests from members, and select products by putting ourselves in the position of members.

(Masato Nakane, Manager of North Store, Nagoya University Co-op)



Member’s Voice

A university co-op is an indispensable presence for college life.

It is a special store that will listen to our voice. The co-op will try to response to any request from its members. I really rely on co-op for my college life.

(Yuki Akitsuki, Nagoya University Co-op)

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