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Mutual Aid

Supporting safe college livelihood of students in good health!

We support students’ college life both physically and mentally by conducting regular checks of health and diet habits of students, by proposing how to prevent traffic accident and informing the dangers of drinking.

A student faces risks during his/her college life, e.g. risk of injury or illness. University co-ops offer Student Mutual Aid (Kyosai) as a system where students help each other in order to ensure students to keep studying. In addition, university co-ops also offer Personal Liability Insurance for Students, which is useful when a student causes trouble to other person, Supporter Death Coverage Insurance, which is paid when a student's supporter dies, and Academic Continuance Cost Insurance, which is a student's supporter loses his/her income due to injury or illness. University co-ops also give advice regarding students' safety and health.


Student Mutual Aid (Kyosai) is operated by University Co-operatives Mutual Aid Federation as the underwriting organization. Due to the revision of Consumer Co-op Act, mutual aid business was separated from National Federation of University Co-op Associations, and University Co-operatives Mutual Aid Federation started its operation in October 2010.

It is an insurance to cover for compensation accident in college life and in everyday life. It includes out-of-court settlement service for domestic accidents (except for accidents related to defamation of character).

It is an insurance to cover school expenses that occur after a student's supporter dies of illness or accident.

It is an insurance to cover income when a student's supporter is no longer able to work due to illness or injury.

*1. Comprehensive Insurance for Students/Children: with a special agreement for compensation for personal injury in daily life and a special agreement on a partial change to expansion of entrusted item compensation, and Premises/Product Liability Insurance.

*2. Comprehensive Insurance for Children: with a special agreement for compensation for academic expenses due to special contract regarding academic expenses compensation or illness.

*3. Income Insurance with inapplicable special contract due to provisions concerning nonclaim return.

Personal Liability Insurance for Students is insurance for which the University Co-Operatives Mutual Aid Federation is the insurance contractor and for which a group contract will be concluded with Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co., Ltd. Supporter Death Coverage Insurance and Academic Continuance Cost Insurance are insurance for which the University Co-operatives Mutual Aid Federation is the insurance contractor and for which a group contract will be concluded with Kyoei Fire & Marine Insurance Co.,Ltd.


Health check
(Hyogo Prefectural
University Co-op)

Health check
(Mie University Co-op)

Supporting physically and mentally!
Health check and mental health care

University Co-operatives Mutual Aid Federation holds various health checks with the aim to review students' health and lifestyle, and established free health consultation telephone service for students, where students can consult about any physical and mental issues.

Bicycle inspection
(Hosei University Co-op)

Bicycle inspection
(Tokyo Denki University Co-op)

Prevent accidents and injuries!
Bicycle and safe-driving awareness

Students often encounter an accident or injury while they are on their bicycle or motorcycle. University co-ops are working to prevent accidents by displaying bicycle accident prevention posters and holding bicycle inspections.

Alcohol patch test (Hannan University Co-op)

Learning how to get along well with alcohol!
Preventing chug-a-lug and alcohol harassment

A student will can start to drink his/her first drink after reaching 20 years old. We hold alcohol patch test that determines whether a person has a strong or weak constitution agaings alcohol, and conduct educational activities on how to drink alcohol and how to prevent alcohol-related accidents.

* Law prohibits under-age drinking.

Diet consultation
(Utsunomiya University Co-op)

Diet consultation
(Tokyo University of
Marine Science &
Technology Co-op)

A healthy body comes from a proper diet!
Diet Consultation

We hold diet consultation where a dietitian ask students about their eating habits and offer advices. In addition, we also propose how to take balanced meal.

Study session on benefits given
(Toyama University Co-op)

Benefits board
(Yamagata University Co-op)

Benefits board
(Kwansei Gakuin University

Learn from the actual cases of benefits given!
Study session and reports on benefits cases

At the study session, students and co-op staff discussed on cases of mutual aid payments that actually happened, and based on the questionnaire concerning mutual aid, they discussed about illness or injury prevention measures. Study session is an opportunity for both students and co-op staff to think about mutual aid-related issues.
In addition, by informing the mutual aid payment for each month, we encourage students to take prevention measures for illness or injury that happen frequently to the students. In addition, we write information on “Benefit Board," make and distribute posters and booklets in order to prevent students from missing the mutual aid application.

Staff's Voice

Yasuko Ukawa, Person in Charge of Mutual Aid, Seinan Gakuin University Co-op

I hope everyone knows about mutual aid!
After this year's National Mutual Aid Seminar, the participants (both students and co-op staff) spend every day thinking about that. I hope students know about mutual aid, and have a fulfilling college life with peace of mind ask while trying a lot of things during their time in the university.

(Yasuko Ukawa, Person in Charge of Mutual Aid, Seinan Gakuin University Co-op)

Member’s Voice

Miki Takemoto, Seinan Gakuin University

Why is mutual aid needed?
I was in a position to propose mutual aid to new students, and now I understand the attractiveness of mutual aid, which I did not know at the time of enrollment. This is a great system that ensures students to enjoy their college life, and I want a lot of students to know about this.

(Miki Takemoto, Seinan Gakuin University)


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