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Business Activities
Participation in Co-op Activities

Reflecting members' opinions and requests for better activities

In university co-ops, the members’ opinions and requests are reflected in their management. This is possible through their participation in various opportunities, such as hitokoto card (opinion card), questionnaire, meetings, committees (students, graduate students, international students, faculty and staff), daily activities of the Board of Directors and General Assembly.


59th Annual General Meeting of National Federation of University Co-operative Associations
6th Annual General Meeting of University Co-operatives Mutual Federation (Nagoya Congress Center)

Highest decision-making body of co-op
Annual General Meeting and General Meeting of Representatives

General Assembly (where members gather) and General Meeting of Representatives (where members elected as representatives gather) determine the year summary and policy, as well as financial results and budget of the co-op.

Board of Directors, Yokohama National University Co-op

Executive body for day-to-day operation
Board of Directors

All elements of the university, such as students, faculty and staff gather to discuss the day-to-day management of co-op, ranging from members’ needs to store operations.

Hitokoto Card box, Left: Yamaguchi University Co-op, Right: Doshisha University Co-op

Using SNS sites, such as Facebook and Twitter for co-op business activities (Tohoku University Co-op)

Making use the members’ opinions and requests in co-op activities
Hitokoto Card

Hitokoto card is a mechanism that enables the co-op to ask its members’ opinions and requests through paper cards or internet, and then the co-op staff responds. This initiative is a part of interactions with co-op members.

Top: 2015 International Seminar, held by NFUCA
Right: Tokyo Denki University Co-op store, which was decorated by Student Committee

Organizing activities in university
Organization Committee

There are more than 10,000 people across Japan who joined Student Committee. Graduate Student Committee, International Student Committee and Faculty and Staff Committee in each co-op.
Based on the policy of Board of Directors, these committees conduct various activities, such as welcome party for freshmen, store decoration and decision about its goods, mutual aid activities, sports activities and environmental activities, which are also based on the interest of co-op members. They realize requests from co-op members in various forms.

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