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Supporting healthy life of students through delicious food and smile!

A university co-op supports everyone’s healthy diet through dining hall operations. We also conduct many events, such as food fairs, to promote interaction in the dining hall. In addition, we put a great deal of effort in dietary education activities for better dietary.


Meal Card & Meal Coupon (Healthy Meal Ticket)

Support for healthy diet for students and parents

Some university co-ops offer Meal Card, Meal Coupon and Gaku Pass to support students to eat properly. It is a card charged with a certain amount of money, which can be used in dining halls. Some university co-ops inform the parents of the meal contents.

Easy food budget management with Gaku Pass!

Gaku Pass is a service that allows students to use their transportation IC cards, which they use every day to commute to campus and as e-money, at the co-op dining halls. The amount of money charged can be converted into points for use in the cafeteria. The Gaku Pass is widely used in the Kanto-Koshinetsu region.

Cafeteria Fair

A fun fair created with members!

A lot of unique events are held in each university co-op, such as Cafeteria Fair and Local Food Fair. These events are created together with members who use the cafeteria.

Dietitian-designed menu

Food Fair poster fair. Posters of local specialties and popular menus encourage people to use the cafeteria.

Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kanto-Koshinetsu, and Tokai regions

Gakushoku Dot Coop

A search system for cafeteria menu!

Gakushoku Dot Coop is a system that enables its users to search any menu and its details. A user can put the food he/she ate at the co-op cafeteria to the virtual tray to check the nutritional value, amount of energy and price. Users can easily view the information with their smartphone right before they use the cafeteria.

Dietary Education Activities

Supporting students’ dietary independence

The staff of university health center together with a registered dietitian from the university co-op hold dietary consultations and health fairs.

7 key focus points of dietary education activities

❶Enjoy your meals
❷ Eat balanced meals
❸ Be knowledgeable about food
❹ Cook by yourself
❺ Visit production areas
❻ Value Japanese food culture
❼ Think critically in regard to abundant information on food

Dietary consultation (The University of Tokyo Co-op)

Health fair (Atomi University Co-op)

Preventing Infectious Diseases in Dining Halls

Food services with public health approach

In order to fulfil the dietary needs of students and faculty members, many cafeterias have taken various measures and initiatives in cooperation with universities.

Social distancing protocol
(Seinan Gakuin University Co-op)

Markings before payment

Dining Hall Renovation

We renew our dining facilities for a more comfortable campus life.

For students, a university co-op is a welfare facility that is essential to campus life. Know-how and ideas that have been built up by university co-op for more than 60 years are reflected in these facilities. Currently, the renovation of dining halls is also underway at various university.

Ritsumeikan Co-op

Shinshu University Co-op

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