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Business Activities
Career Development Support

A safe environment for study and personal growth

University co-ops are the students’ partner from admission until employment. University co-ops support efforts to nurture the students’ personal growth by providing various courses and opportunities to experience, tailored to each university’s needs, which enable the students to learn skills needed.


DECS(Electronic Textbooks)

Univ co-op e-textbooks are changing education

We believe that electronic books and materials will play a major role in changing the quality of university education. We have developed a specialized book viewer that is being widely used at universities. Electronic textbooks are attracting attention as a new platform for students to realize active learning, both independently and cooperatively.

Computer-related Services

Excellent services even for beginners

University co-ops offer a full range of services to ensure four years of reliable computer use by students. We also provide computer classes for beginners, have a partnership with Apple, cooperate with computer makers, and offer services to accept payment of educational fund for buying equipment, etc.

Computer course(Nagasaki University Co-op)

Supporting Research on Learning through Computers

We hold academic conference on learning through computers(PC Conference)with CIEC(Community for Innovation of Education and learning through Computers and communication networks). This annual conference serves as a place for exchange and learning of education and research using computers.

2019 PC Conference in Konan University

* As of December 2020, 85 organizations and 766 individuals are participating in the conference.

Career Development Support

Wide support until graduation

University co-ops offer an opportunity to think about college life from admission until graduation, by holding what we called “vision navigation seminars,” to help students live their college life purposefully.

Manatabi Course(Hirosaki University Co-op)

Job Hunting Assistance

Relieving worries about job hunting

University co-ops support enthusiastic students through various courses and seminars. Senior students who are experienced in job hunting offer advice from their own experiences to junior students. University co-ops also hold seminars to make students think about work and know the various industries. University co-ops also hold joint briefing sessions where various companies deliver presentations.

Briefing session and consultation corner with companies

Foreign Language Study Program and Overseas Internship Program

Providing thematic learning and experience

University co-ops hold language trainings(Oxford Academic Program, etc.), homestay programs(including web-based counseling sessions with local community), thematic trips(Peace Study Tour, Silicon Valley Corporate Visit Tour, NPO Volunteer Visit Experience Tour, etc.), and overseas internship programs(Disney Youth College Program, etc.). These programs provide opportunity for students to learn about environment, welfare, history, peace and many other issues. We encourage students to get experience abroad as it will benefit their career.

English classes are held before departure

Support for High School Students and Freshmen

University co-ops offer advice on preparation of admission and college life through orientation sessions by senior students.

Open Campus and Advice on University Life

In open campus, senior students offer free drinks and written messages of support for high school students and give advice on college life, as well as set up consultation corners. Senior students give advice for new students who live alone on housing, goods, furniture and home electronics based on their own experience.

Hirosaki University Open Campus(Hirosaki University Co-op)

Briefing session for students(Kagoshima University Co-op)

Orientation Sessions for Parents Before Admission

University co-ops hold orientation sessions for students with admission by recommendation, students with early admission and parents of students. Senior students, faculty members and co-op staff provide guidance on various things regarding preparation of college life, including living alone, textbooks, teaching materials and computers.

Parents’ gathering(Yamagata University Co-op)

Briefing for students preparing for exam and parents(Hokkaido University Co-op)

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