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Business Activities
Relationship with Society

Broadening horizons and knowledge by participating in social activities

We provide support for students working on social issues such as reconstruction support activities for the Great East Japan Earthquake and environmental activities from the perspective of the SDGs. We also promote exchanges for students with international perspective and exchanges with co-ops, and cooperates with UNICEF activities, etc.

The 64th General Meeting in December 2020 was held online. Utilizing many tools to deepen understanding, exchanges took place at the University Co-op Festival after the General Assembly.


COVID-19 Special Page

Maintaining the connection while keeping physical distance

We set up a special website in April 2020, when many universities are closed for classes, to introduce the recommendations from experts and to introduce the efforts of other universities. We conducted questionnaires three times in April, May, and July 2020 to collect the real situation and voices of students who were refraining from classes, clubs, and part-time jobs, and announced some proposals on how to solve the problems together.

International Co-operative Alliance

Strengthening cooperation with co-operatives in the world

NFUCA has been a member of ICA, the world’s largest NGO, since 2001, and has been strengthening its ties with cooperatives around the world. The year 2019 saw the ICA Asia Pacific Committee on Co-operatives in Educational Institutions held in Kathmandu, Nepal, where there were reports from various countries on cooperative education programs for young people. In addition, the Japan-Korea University Co-op Student Exchange Seminar held in Busan was attended by about 30 participants.

* International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) is one of the oldest NGOs in the world, comprising about 310 cooperative organizations in 109 countries with 1.2 billion individual members.

* The photos here are from 2019.

ICA-AP activities in Singapore

Japan-Korea University Co-op Student Exchange Semina

Environmental Activities

Supporting the students’ activities to address social issues

As one of the goals of the SDGs, the practice of environmentally friendly behavior and business activities has become a global awareness. University co-ops support university students who are tackling social issues such as CO2 reduction, energy and resource conservation, and promotion of the 3Rs. The 2020 Environmental Seminar 2020 in August 2020 was held online.

Themes of the 2020 Environmental Seminar

Juon Network

Learning the importance of nature in rural areas

Juon Network, an incorporated nonprofit organization, was established in April 1998, with the suppport of university co-ops. The purpose of its activities is to create a sustainable society by expanding the network of support between cities and rural areas through experience, exchange, and support activities in forests and other areas.

Juon’s website

JUON disposable chopsticks made from domestic thinned wood

Forest School: Kaze no Tani Ibigawa Town, Gifu

Forest School: Sanuki no Mori Sanuki City, Kagawa

Field School: Budo no Oka Yamanashi City, Yamanashi

The University Co-op Scholarship Foundation's “Tasukeai Scholarship”

Supporting students who have lost their parents

Since 1992, the University Co-op Scholarship Foundation has been providing students who have lost their parents with a study assistance system to support them in continuing their studies. In order to further develop and disseminate this system, we established a general incorporated foundation, and in January 2020, the system was newly launched as the “Tasukeai Scholarship”. NFUCA and the University Co-op Scholarship Foundation will continue to work together to spread the idea of “tasukeai” (mutual help) throughout society and universities.

Scholarship Foundation website

The logo is a combination of four hearts, representing the meaning of the four colors of the University Co-op logo.

Research activities of university co-ops

Every year, NFUCA collect data from more than 20,000 university students to investigate their actual condition.

We collect data from more than 20,000 university students every year to study the current situation of university students. The annual Fact-Finding Survey on Student Life has received responses from as many as 20,000 university students with the cooperation of each university co-op, and the scale of the survey and the accumulation of data over 56 times have attracted attention from society as a survey that captures the current conditions of university students over time. We also conduct the Parents' Survey of New Students and the Survey of Graduate Students’ Living Conditions.

Press conference of the 55th Fact-Finding Survey on Student Life

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