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CIEC, which stands for Community for Innovation of Education and learning through Computers and communication networks, is a group that aims to study the nature of computer and networking in education and learning, and disseminate its results.

CIEC became a registered member of Science Council of Japan as an academic research organization on September 14th, 1999. The name for Liaison Committee of Relevant Study falls under the category of "education."

  • http://www.ciec.or.jp/
  • USAOffice:
    Tel: (650) 686-6146
     or (415) 307-1802
    Fax: (650) 689-5498


Juon Network is a nonprofit organization which was established in 1998 after calls from university co-ops in Japan. It was started after University Co-op met people from underpopulated areas during its activities of operating seminar houses from abandoned school buildings and engaging in volunteer activities at the time of Great Hanshin Earthquake in 1995. Thus, the exchange between people who live in urban areas and those who live in underpopulated areas was born.

There are a number of problems in underpopulated areas, such as depopulation and local cultural inheritance. Our activities are aimed at connecting urban areas to farming, mountain and fishing villages all over the country.

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