3. Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet


Name National Federation of University Co-operative Associations (abbreviation: NFUCA)
Representative Directors President: Kokichi Shoji
General Director & CEO: Hiroki Fukushima
Member co-ops 224 members (as of March, 2012)
comprising 208 primary co-ops, 9 business associations, 6 inter-college co-ops, and 1 national federation (National Federation of  University Co-operatives Mutual Aid)
Establishment May 25, 1947  National School Co-operative Federation is established.
August 19, 1958   The National School Co-operative Federation is incorporated and the National Federation of University Co-operative Associations is established.
August 8, 1959   Registration is completed.
Organization Supreme decision-making body: General Assembly
Board of Directors (48 members as of fiscal 2012)
Board of Auditors (6 members as of fiscal 2012)
Individual members 1,560,516 (as of September 30, 2011)

Total NFUCA funding from member co-ops

963,940,000 yen (as of September 30, 2011)
Total turnover of member co-ops 191,700,000,000 yen (fiscal 2010)
Operational turnover according to product category Turnoverfor fiscal 2009:194.6 billion yen

Summary of activities
(according to NFUCA by-laws)

This organization shall undertake the following activities in order to achieve the objectives stipulated in Article 1.

Coordination and guidance of and liaison with and between member co-ops
Contact and liaison with non-member co-ops and affiliated international cooperative organizations, as well as university faculty staff and students organizations
Activities to improve the lives of Co-op members and enhance culture
Activities to enhance the knowledge of Co-op members and staff regarding Co-op activities
Research, investigation, and provision of general information necessary for member co-ops to carry out their activities
Purchase supplies required by member co-ops to carry out their business activities and provide these to member co-ops after processing or production if necessary
Activities to establish and encourage utilization of facilities for Co-op members to use for everyday living
Travel services for Co-op members in accordance with the Japanese Travel Law
Activities related to any of the above
Financial Year October 1 to September 30 of the following year
Regional Blocks (Branches)
Hokkaido Block :
14 member co-ops
Tohoku Block :
17 member co-ops
Tokyo Block :
74 member co-ops
Tokai Block :
21 member co-ops
Hokuriku Block :
7 member co-ops
Keiji/Nara Block :
20 member co-ops
Osaka/Hyogo//Wakayama Block :
27 co-op members
Chugoku/Shikoku Block :
19 member co-ops
Kyushu Block :
25 member co-ops
Affiliated Companies University Co-op Tourism Ltd.
Affiliated Organizations CIEC (Council for Improvement of Education through Computers)
International Affiliations Member of;
ICA (International Co-operative Alliance)
ICA Committee on University/Campus Cooperatives for Asia and the Pacific
WYSTC (World Youth and Student Travel Confederation)
NACS (National Association of College Stores)

Member co-ops

Individual members(thousand)

total turnover of member co-ops(billion yes)

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