3. About Logos

About Our Logo

New Logo of University Co-operative

University Co-op continuously promotes business and activities that are based on cooperation between students and faculty members and also collaboration with the university, while working as an independent organization which carries co-op spirit and encouraging the active participation of members.

The Meaning of Our Logo

The logo implies the wish for University Co-op living in the 21st century to become “a food-producing tree which takes root in the campus” and for University Co-op to become a symbol of a rich and full campus life that is created by students and faculty.

The 4-colour fruit represents four missions of University Co-op, which are cooperation (blue), collaboration (yellow), independent (orange) and participation (green).

The Tagline Meaning

The tagline "linking spirit" expresses cooperation and supporting students and “exciting campus” expresses cooperation with and contribution to the university.

October 1st, 2008
National Federation of University Co-operative Associations
New Logo Screening Committee

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