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International Student's Stories

1. Finding a Part Time Job

It was really hard to find a part-time job when I looked for it for the first time. There is no system of part time jobs in China. Basically, there are only job vacancies for long-term workers and freelancers. At last, I used a smartphone application to find a part time job, as my senior suggested. I have to wear a business suit for an interview and write a proper resume beforehand. However, because I did not attach a photograph, I was judged as having no willingness to work and was turned down.

Kyoto University / Shen Weiqi / China

2. Apartment Rent

I currently live in a new apartment. I like it despite its small size. The way I found this apartment was easy. When I intended to buy furniture from my friend who would graduate and return to her home country, I visited her room and loved the room at a glance. Then, I called the landlord immediately, telling him, “I want to rent the room after my friend leaves,” and get his approval. Fortunately, I could move into the room without paying key money, security deposit, cleaning fee and brokerage fee. I only need to pay rent and payment deposit (which will be refunded after leaving).

Nagoya University / Ariunzaya / Mongolia

3. Purchasing Furniture

I had to buy furniture when I moved into my apartment room. Because there was only little information, I bought all furniture at a store close to the apartment. It was convenient and quick, but then, I found cheaper furniture at an online store. Sometimes the shipping costs are offered free. There are also stores selling second-hand and low-priced furniture, and there are events such as bazaars at the university. Therefore, if you want to buy expensive goods, such as furniture, it would be better to collect information beforehand.

Osaka University / Yang Lan / China

4. Looking for Room to Rent

I moved into a new apartment room. It was not the first time I looked for a rented room, but I felt of being cheated on in this case. When I paid a reservation deposit and got information regarding rent, common expenses, key money, security deposit, and so forth, suddenly I was told, “It is necessary to pay 12,000 yen per year for waste management fee and disposal fee for disused articles.” Besides, I was also told to pay 20,000 yen at the time of termination when I received the contract. Furthermore, the contract period was not for 1 year, but from April 1st to March 15th. It would be better to confirm all the expenses and not only the room rent before paying a reservation deposit.

Kyoto University / Pan Wenshu / China

5. Physical Examination (Health Certificate)

When an applicant submits an application form, some universities require the applicant to submit a health certificate. I took a medical examination at the city office. When I found that there were findings written by the doctor and consulted about the result to the city office, the doctor told me, “Just to make sure, please have another examination and resubmit the documents.” The reexamination result showed that there was no abnormality. Even if there are findings from the doctor, we have to remain calm about having reexamination. Please prepare your best physical condition before taking physical examination.

Kyoto University / Pan Dong / China

6. Amount Paid for the National Health Insurance

After getting “The Notice of Assessment of Premium for National Health Insurance and Insurance Billing Notice” and paid the bill, I realized that the amount I paid was different from that my friend did. After consulting to the university and getting confirmation from the National Health Insurance & Pension Section, it seems that there was an income miscalculation. A “Notice of Correction (Assessment) of Premium for National Health Insurance” was subsequently reissued, mentioning the correct amount of premium. Please do not think that documents related to government offices, such as city office, will not have any miscalculation. We need to confirm everything.

Oita University / Liang Jia / China

7. Tooth Cavity

I had never gone to the dental since I came to Japan 5 years ago. I endured the pain while having a toothache. I hesitated because I thought that dental treatment in Japan was expensive and the treatment seemed to be painful. However, I could not stand the pain anymore and went to get the treatment for the first time. The female dentist was very kind and the pain went away quickly. The treatment cost was only 600 yen. I should've seen the doctor earlier. Do not judge things based on a presumption. I suggest you who have dental problems to get dental treatment early.

Tohoku University / Wang Jiani / China

8. Applying for an Internet Service

It is necessary to pay attention to the contract period of an Internet service. If you are a foreign student, keep in mind about your study period and the validity period of your visa. You should also pay attention regarding your selection over wired or wireless service. A wired service needs construction work. The operator will verify the connection status based on the residential area, housing condition (the height of the residence), and how the person is using the Internet service. The construction work will be carried out within a month after the application. Selecting a wireless service will have no particular problem although its charge and cancellation fee are a little bit more expensive.

Nagoya University / Liu Sijia / China

9. Internet

I heard from an internet provider that a termination fee would be charged when you cancel the contract within a year. But when you cancel after a year or more, you have to pay the cost to remove the facility from the apartment. The cost is not high, but I a little bit surprised. I think better to check the termination fee in advance as well as other expenses when you sign the contract.

Osaka University / Yang Lan / China

10. Talking Over the Phone

I'm not good at talking over the phone with any company or the university. I don’t understand the honorific language spoken by the other party and I always feel nervous. Talking over the phone is different with face-to-face conversation. Because I cannot see the expression, I have to concentrate on the words being spoken. There are times when I did my best to explain, but the other party couldn’t understand what I said. He/she must have thought that I have a poor Japanese communication skill.

Kyoto University / Yan Shuheng / China

11. Language of Flowers

I attended a farewell party of my friend. I went to the florist to buy some flowers. When I handed the beautiful flowers to him, he asked me, “Do you know the meaning of these flowers?” At that time, I answered that I chose the flowers because they were beautiful. However, on another occasion, I learned from another friend that the flowers I chose are used for funerals. I was really embarrassed. Since then, I decided to buy flowers after learning the meaning first. I want to let other international students know about this knowledge. Please do not make the same mistake as I did.

Obirin University / Saisanaa / Mongolia

12. Overseas Travel: Credit Card

When I planned to go to Hong Kong, I had to arrange the flight and hotel by myself. Reservation through the Internet usually requires credit card. However, I didn’t have a credit card at that time, so I couldn’t make the reservation. In the end, I had to go to a travel agent to make the necessary arrangement by paying a fee. To prepare for an emergency situation, I should have signed up in advance for credit card by university co-op.

Oita University / Liang Jia / China

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