Microsoft DreamSpark

About Microsoft DreamSparkTM

Microsoft DreamSpark is a student assistance program operated worldwide by Microsoft.

The program provides software development products and design tools for professional use to students with the aim of developing capable personnel that will play important roles in the IT industry in the future. Microsoft continues to provide possibilities to enable people to acquire skills required after graduation by using pro-level development tools while they are still students.

Target University students, regular students at higher vocational schools, and 4th or 5th year specialized vocational high school students who are eligible for ISIC STUDENT cards.
(* Excluding holders of SCHOLAR, TEACHER and YOUTH TRAVEL cards.)
May 13, 2008 -
  • Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition Japanese version
  • Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition Japanese version
  • Expression Studio
    (Expression Web, Expression Blend, Expression Media, Expression Design) Japanese version
  • Windows Server Standard Edition Japanese version
  • SQL Server 2005 Developer Edition Japanese version
  • XNA Game Studio 3.0 Japanese version
  • XNA Creator’s Club 12-month membership
  • Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 2008
  • Microsoft CCR and DSS Toolkit 2008
Download only. Provided via DreamSpark site.

The software obtaining from Microsoft Dreamspark.

People without an international student ID card (STUDENT) should first apply for a card.


How to get the software

1. Acquiring an international student ID card

Verification using an international student ID card is required for downloading the software. Applications for international student ID cards (ISIC cards) are accepted in issuing offices such as university co-ops.
* A fee of ¥1,430 (tax inc.) is required. >>Apply here

2. Verification

  1. Once you have an international student ID card, go to DreamSpark (
  2. Click on the DreamSpark logo at the top right of the screen.
  3. iv. Select the product you wish to download and click the “Sign In” button to log in with your Windows Live ID.
    * A Windows Live ID is required to sign in.
    * See the following link for details on Windows Live ID.
  4. Click "Verify".
  5. Select "ASIA" from the world map and then select "Japan" from the dropdown box.
  6. Select "ISIC" and move to the next screen.
  7. Enter your international student ID card (ISIC card) number, and you can download the software if verification is successful.
Download Flow
  1. Click the product on the Microsoft Dreamspark site
  2. Sign in using your Live ID
  3. Select ASIA on the world map
  4. Select Japan and then ISIC in dropdown boxes
  5. Enter your ISIC Crd number
  6. You can download the software if verification is successful

Video explaining the provision of the products

A video explaining the provision of products in DreamSpark can be viewed at the link below.
  >>Introduction to Software Provided through DreamSpark (streaming video)

Usage restrictions


DreamSpark Q&A

Questions and answers on DreamSpark can be found at the link below.
  >> Frequently Asked Questions about DreamSpark (Microsoft)